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About Us


Piramal Capital & Housing Finance is uniquely positioned in the financial services space through its strong presence in wholesale and retail financing. It has evolved to build a sustainable, value driven, financial services enterprise targeting new market opportunities.

  • Full Spectrum of solutions

    Piramal Capital & Housing Finance offers a full spectrum of solutions to both wholesale and retail segments. It is equipped to provide financing solutions across the entire capital stack ranging from early stage private equity, structured debt, senior secured debt, construction finance, housing finance, loan against property as well as Flexi Lease Rental Discounting (within real estate). Within non-real estate, the platform provides general corporate lending, structured credit solutions, promoter funding (for private equity take out, equity infusion, loan against shares etc.), project financing, CapEx funding, special situations, etc.

  • Consistent Evolution

    Piramal Capital & Housing Finance has shown an upward trajectory in performance through its ability to quickly identify and capitalise on new financing opportunities. With its long standing expertise in alternate financing as well as the ability to take over projects, complete and sell them (if required), the platform has consistently expanded its portfolio to boost growth. The history of the company shows a constant readiness to expand into new spaces with innovative products basis the changing requirements of the market and our partners.

  • Sector-Agnostic Lending

    With an eye on burgeoning opportunities in the marketplace, PCHF has consistently expanded its reach across new sectors. Currently, the platform operates with a sector agnostic focus partnering clients across real estate, power, renewable energy, industrials, auto components, roads and infrastructure. The team has showcased its expertise in building long-lasting relationships with clients, industry professionals and companies in order to build a robust investment portfolio.

  • Innovation & Flexibility

    The platform has been instrumental in offering innovative and customized financial products to suit the changing requirements of the market and our customers. It is equipped to offer funding for all ticket sizes across multiple sectors and has always been able to customize the terms of the transaction as per the client’s requirements. The participation from marquee investors and partnerships serves as a validation of the platform’s performance and a testament to the team’s ability to constantly raise the bar and spot newer opportunities within the target markets.

  • Risk Management & Asset Quality Focus

    PCHF has invested heavily in building a large team of professionals, out of which at least 50% are focused on areas such as asset monitoring, risk management, finance and compliance. This enables the platform to detect and react to any early warning signals across portfolio companies. The combined AUM of the wholesale business across both real estate and non-real estate has seen exponential growth and the book today enjoys zero NPA status despite the size and scale.

  • Common Internal Processes

    The reorganization of the platform in 2013 was based on a uniquely differentiated strategy – one that made it easy for the team to customize products for customers and second to make decisions within an accelerated time frame. The team was reorganized as per geography, with a local office in each target market, for eyes and ears on the ground, along with a full pyramid of cross functional professionals – comprising of investment, asset management, risk, and legal. This enables the company to scale rapidly, capturing both market share as well as Tier 1 relationships from market incumbents.